Head Start Basketball Camp

What Parents are Saying about Head Start Basketball Camps

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. This is the first “camp” of any type that my son has done over the summer. I am fortunate to be at home and we manage to stay extremely busy, but my son asked to come to this camp for a week. This was the first year he was able to play organized basketball. He enjoyed playing so much over the winter, this was a natural fit. He came home everyday excited about the activities of the day and looking forward to the next day. I feel like his skills have certainly improved as well as his desire to spend time shooting and playing on his own. From my perspective, it was extremely organized and professional. I was also impressed with all the support you received from local businesses, regarding the free “swag” that was given to the campers. Its nice to be able to help support the community in such a kid friendly way. We will certainly be back next summer if it is available.

– Vanessa from Strongsville


Our son Ben had a blast, as always at your camp! Love how you have them all playing with different age groups and your philosophy on good sportsmanship; he loved his teammates and the older ones inspired him.

– Jen and David from North Royalton


My children really enjoy the Head Start Basketball Camps and look forward to attending each summer.  Their basketball skills and sportsmanship have greatly improved with the help of Mike and his staff.

– Faith from Strongsville


I couldn’t be happier with your basketball program.  My children love it and look forward to it each year.  They’re learning and having a great time.

– Sylora from Strongsville


We thought the camp last year was very well organized.  My daughter had a great time!

– Joyce from Strongsville


It was a particularly memorable moment when Joey was winning the “shoot-out” contest and the other campers were shouting “Joey! Joey!”  I congratulate you on instilling in these kids a sense of good sportsmanship and teamwork.  I feel lucky that for this week out of the year,  Joey has an awesome male role model to help him achieve his goals.

–  Leslie from Strongsville


This is the first year my son participated in your camp and he truly enjoyed himself.  He came home each day with information he learned, fun he had and ready to return the next day.

– Mary Jo from Strongsville


The Head Start Basketball camp was definitely a highlight of my son’s summer.

– Kathy from Strongsville


Head Start Basketball Camp has been an exciting and beneficial experience for my sons that they look forward to every year.  Thank you for your support and encouragement which has contributed greatly to building a strong foundation in the lives of the children you have worked with.

– Karen from Strongsville

What Parents are Saying about HSB Skills Training


I really appreciate everything you have taught the boys.  Jacob really enjoyed your coaching.  I would definitely like to do this again over the next few years.  I have seen tremendous strides in Jacob’s game and I think a lot of this is due to you.

– Dan from Strongsville


Your training has really helped Julie with her fundamentals.  The North Royalton middle school has 3 days of tryouts for 7th grade basketball.  Two have been completed.  I was able to watch Julie for about 10 minutes the other day.  She was schooling kids.  It was obviously because of fundamentals.  They had about 35 girls try out, and they are down to 17. They are keeping 12.  I am confident Julie will survive.  One other thing – she was making left side layups with her left hand and one of the coaches asked her if she was left handed.  Thanks a ton.

– Mike from North Royalton


Just to let you know, Jefferey had two of the best games of his life this weekend -he had his best game ever Saturday as they routed St. Columbkille by 20 as he had 24 points 16 rebounds six assist five steals and four blocks, shot 3 of 5 free throws. He also was 4 of 7 in just 15 ft and out jumpers. Today he had 19 points 12 rebounds and went 5 of 6 in free throws and went 3 of 6 from just jumpers.  Definitely seeing  improvement on his shot, but real improvement in free throws.  The work with you in a short amount of time is paying dividends.  It’ll be very interesting to see what he’s like six months from now after more time spent with you. He has mentioned to me he likes all the different drills and how you mix it up.  Keep it up Mike. It’s working out well. I appreciate it big time.

– Jeff from Brunswick


What Parents are Saying about Basketball on the Edge

Mike, absolutely love your articles, skills videos and the tips of the day — very worthwhile for young players…and parents!

– Gary from Medina

Thank you for your article, Basketball on the Edge – Get Confident! 5 Tips for any Young Basketball Player. I literally feel like you overheard me at practice on Tuesday and that this was written in direct response! I am new to the distribution list for Head Start Basketball, but appreciate the information and resources I have received in such a short amount of time.

– Tricia from Strongsville

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