Basketball on the Edge – 10 Ways A Youth Basketball Player Can Demonstrate Integrity

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Integrity – Know and do what is right.

What does Integrity look like for a young player on a basketball team? Here are some ways that a young player can demonstrate integrity as a member of a basketball team.

1. Accept your role on the team, but keep working hard so your role can increase.

2. Don’t talk about your teammates or coaches behind their back. Stop a teammate who wants to gossip.

3. Your word is “true”. Do what you say you are going to do every time.

4. Be honest. Don’t tell one teammate something and then say the opposite to another teammate. When team members don’t trust each other spirit and unity begin to fade. So does winning.

5. Know who you are and don’t give in to peer pressure – on or off the court. Be strong enough in your beliefs that you can stand up for yourself and others.

6. Always demonstrate respect for coaches, teammates, opponents, and officials.

7. Play fair and respect the game by always giving your best effort on the court. Don’t cheat the game, or yourself. Take responsibility for mistakes and don’t blame others or make excuses.

8. Demonstrate discipline and self-control when it comes to how you train, how you eat, how you sleep, how you study, how you live!

9. Speak the truth even if it may cause conflict. Don’t be the player that keeps quiet or goes along with everyone else. Speak up to help a teammate, a coach, or your team.

10. Choose wisely when it comes to who you hang around with both on and off the court. It’s been said that “You are the Average of the 5 People You Spend the Most Time With”. Make sure those people have integrity too!

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