Basketball on the Edge – Advice from an NBA Shooting Coach: Random vs. Blocked Shooting Practice by Chris Oliver


I stood at a golf driving range several years ago and had one of the most important moments of my coaching life. I was listening in on the lesson being given behind me. There was a middle aged woman, fairly new to the game, being instructed by an older gentleman. With every swing, she got new feedback on a different part of her swing. “On that swing you did this”, then she would take another swing trying to correct that mistake. “But on that swing you did this…”, and she would then change her focus to correcting THAT mistake. Every swing a new mistake that needed correcting. The coach, to an extent, was creating random practice in a block situation by not allowing her to focus on correcting one mistake before moving on to the next. I was getting anxious for her, and I wouldn’t have blamed her if she had suddenly screamed in frustration “shut up, shut up, shut up!!!”.

There is a great idea out there that coaches need to implement in their shooting practice, but they need to be careful how they are using the idea. The great idea is …

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