Basketball on the Edge – What Does A Basketball Coach Do? by Chris Oliver


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This is a great article for both coaches and parents to read.  Coaches will be nodding their head many times throughout the article and parents may be surprised by the perspective of Coach Oliver when it comes to second guessing your child’s coach.  If you’d like to learn more about what a basketball coach really does on daily basis this article clears it up quite well.  Here’s a quick quote from the article that had me nodding vigorously in agreement.

“It is not fun to be evaluated by people who have zero experience. People who have spent no time learning what and how to coach are instant experts because they once played the game or watch it on TV. I attend games recruiting all the time and listen to people in the stands. I cannot believe how many things that are said that make no sense. Would the same person observe a doctor in surgery or a lawyer in court and question the decisions those experts are making?”

Click here to read the article by Chris Oliver

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