Basketball on the Edge – Basketball Resolutions

Happy 2015!

A Basketball Player’s Resolutions

1. Get up early and work on my game before school.
2. Develop a vision of success and work to achieve it.
3. Train with a purpose and goal in mind.
4. Make 500 shots a day.
5. Work relentlessly on my weaknesses.
6. Get to practice early.
7. Be in the best physical condition I can possibly be.
8. Eat healthy.
9. Get enough sleep.
10. Do a great job in the classroom as well as on the court.
11. Be leader on my team.
12. Develop a new skill that I can use in a game.
13. Choose one stat/measurable to improve. (Free Throw % as an example)
14. Attend at least one camp or training session.
15. Be a good sport at all times.
16. Communicate on the court.
17. Be a great teammate.
18. Become the type of player that is fun to play with.
19. Become the type of player that is hard to play against.
20. Love and respect the game.

Addicted to Getting Better - On and Off the Court