Basketball on The Edge – A Basketball Thanksgiving

I am thankful for basketball because …

I can practice and get better by myself.
There’s no better sound than a swish.
I love being a part of a team.
I can play on my driveway.
I can play in the park.
I can play in the gym.
I can play in my basement.
There’s nothing better than making a last second shot.
Teamwork is required.
I can dribble my ball wherever I go.
Passing and setting up my teammates is fun.
A give and go is a beautiful thing.
There is no louder silence than the opposing crowd when I make a big shot.
I can play year round.
I can play with one friend or with 10.
Winners stay.
It teaches me how to communicate.
I learn how to be humble when I win, and gracious when I lose.
I get to check it up top.
Stopping my opponent is a source of pride.
Anyone can hustle and help their team.
I love to play.
Basketball is my game. For life.

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