Basketball on the Edge – It’s Black Friday! Time For Some Great Basketball Gifts!

gift1.  Head Start Basketball Holiday Camp – Build your young player’s skills while they are having fun! December 29 & 30, 2016. Two Locations!  Of course this is a shameless plug but…your young player will love our camp!

2. High Intensity Training Sessions Punch Card – Give the gift of getting better.  The last self-promotion, I promise!

3. ShotTracker – Attach the sensor to your net, connect to your phone app and track all of your makes and misses.

4. “Stuff Good Players Should Know” – In my opinion, the best book ever written for young basketball players. Should be on every player’s shelf.

5.  “Think Like A Champion: A Guide to Championship Performance for Student-Athletes” – Another great book for the basketball player on your list.

6. Hoosiers – The Classic Basketball Movie

7. SKLZ Control Basketball – Weighted, regulation size ball strengthens fingers, wrists and forearms, Improves dribbling, passing and rebounding, Bounces and reacts same as regulation ball, for more effective training.

8. Nike Elite Basketball Crew Socks – The socks that every baller wants to wear!

9.  SKLZ Rapid Fire II Make or Miss Ball Return – Automatic Ball Return to get more shots up on your driveway!

10. Basketball Apparel and Accessories from Point3 – Use code  Steal35pca  to get 35% off this entire weekend!

11.  “180 Shooter: 5 Steps to Shooting 90% from the Free Throw Line, 50% from the Field and 40% from the 3-Point Line” – One more great book to read.  Use promo code bfriday33 to 33% off!

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