Basketball on the Edge – Should My Child Play Up? The Do’s and Don’ts of Moving Kids to Older Age Groups by John O’Sullivan

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If you’ve ever thought about having your child play up an age level please read this article by John O’Sullivan from the Changing the Game Project. In the article O’Sullivan lists three reasons why parents should consider having their child play up and eight reasons why they shouldn’t.

Here’s a quote from the article that I’m sure many parents can relate to.

We are often asked about children playing up in age. We have met many parents suffering from FOMO – the fear of missing out – who were worried that if their child did not play up an age, they would be overlooked for high school sports, and have no chance to play in college. They’ve seen other kids who did play up and think that their child should as well. They’ve rarely considered exactly what would make it beneficial for their child, or why it might hinder his or her development. They basically said, “others are doing it, so my kid should too.”

Click here to read the article by John O’Sullivan

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