Basketball on the Edge – Don’t Turn Your Young Athlete Into a Mini Me by Reed Maltbie

SONY DSCAs I sat down to figure out today’s post my son’s AAU team that I coach had just played in their first tournament earlier in the day.  We lost all three games and quite frankly I was not at my best on the sideline.  Even though I know better,  I found myself getting frustrated by the play of our team in general and specifically the play of my son.  I allowed those feelings to impact the way I coached.  I was not as upbeat and positive as I normally am.  The results of the games and my negative mood lingered for far too long even after our family had been home for several hours.  As a any successful coach does, I began the process of reflecting on what had happened.  Why did I react the way I did in the moment?  How could I have reacted better to help our team?  Why do I get more frustrated with my son than other players?  Then I read this article.  Wow, it hit me.  I hope I never have this conversation with my son.

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