Basketball on the Edge – The Enemy of Excellence in Youth Sports

This article can be a great reference for all parents as they decide what type of program or coach that want their child to be exposed to.  I have seen the scenario below play out many times.  A kid grabs the rebound and the coach yells, “Don’t dribble!” or “Don’t shoot!” How can kids have fun or get better?  Seek out programs and coaches that do the things the right way and keep the focus on the process and not wins and losses!

The Enemy of Excellence in Youth Sports: by John O’Sullivan

“My daughter is the tallest fourth grader in her class and loves to play basketball,” said a father to me recently. “Sadly, I know that she will ultimately grow to be of average height.  Since she is now only allowed to rebound and give the ball to shorter-ball handler players on her team, she will never develop the skills she will need to play basketball.  After her last game, she told her 5-year old sister that she did not shoot or score because her job is to rebound and play defense, because that is what her coach told her. What should I do?”

The plight of this parent highlights what I believe to be the greatest obstacle to a child-centered youth sports environment.

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