Basketball on the Edge – A Final Game of H-O-R-S-E by John O’Sullivan


If you have ever played a game of HORSE with your Dad or your son, or a game of catch with your Mom or your daughter, I urge you not to skip over this article. It will make you stop and think about the true meaning and value that we assign to youth sports. I hope it causes you to reflect upon what is truly important when it comes to your own kids and their sports experience. Embedded in the article is a video about 51-year-old Steve Peters, and his 80-year-old father Dennis who clearly understand the bond that sports creates. In the article John O’Sullivan states that he teared up watching the video and after viewing it, I did too. I thought about all the times spent with my Dad shooting baskets, playing catch, playing ping-pong, all the while just talking and I realize now that it was as much about the relationship as it was about the sports. Thanks Dad!  Hopefully I am heading towards that same path with my own kids and you are too.

Click here to read the article by John O’Sullivan and watch the video

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