Basketball on the Edge – One Tip to Help Your Team Win More Games

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The team comes out on the floor for warmups in the first game of the season.  Everyone has high hopes, coaches, parents, and players.  The team wants to win games, but then again so does every other team that steps out onto the court.  What sets some teams apart from others?

Although there are many other ways to define success, let’s face it, at the end of the day everyone loves to win.  What is the number one thing you can do in your role as a coach, a parent, or a player to help your team win more games.

Coaches – Be consistent.

You can’t be a yeller one day and then be quiet the next.  You can’t ignore a lack of effort in practice and then be all over a player for the same mistake in a game.  You have to consistently prepare for practices and games.  Your players will come to believe in you and trust you when you are consistent.  A great coach consistently demands the best from his or her players.  When you heard about the “Carolina” way during Dean Smith’s time in North Carolina that spoke to his consistency.  This is the way we do things here.  Not once in a while, ALL THE TIME, EVERY TIME!  That consistency wins games.

Parents- Be Supportive

Tell your child you love watching them play.  Don’t coach from the stands.  Cheer for all the players, not just your own child.  Don’t criticize other players or the coach in front of your child or other parents.  Your child will be a happier, more productive player if you are a supportive parent and that will ultimately help their team win more games.

Players – Have self-discipline.

Do what you are supposed to do, when you are supposed to do it.  Players with self-discipline control what they can and let the rest go.  They are able to focus on what’s important during practice, during games, during off-season training, and during school.  Self-discipline is the surest path to individual improvement.  When an entire team of players is self-disciplined success in inevitable.

None of these are easy to do.  If they were, everyone would be doing them.  No matter what role you are in strive to make improvements in these three areas and help your team win more games.

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