Basketball on the Edge – The “Power of Moments” in Youth Sports by John O’Sullivan


Parents, I urge you to read this article, reflect on your children’s youth basketball experience, and demand more from the programs and coaches that work with your kids. Our kids will have “moments” in their youth sports careers that they will always remember (just like you do!). Will those “moments” lift them up and carry them to new heights or tear down their confidence and destroy their love of the game?

Coaches, I urge you to read this article. reflect on your coaching, and think about the type of “moments” you are creating for the young athletes you are leading. Educate yourself and keep learning whether you are a brand new coach or a twenty year veteran. Coaches have a tremendous opportunity to impact their players. The question is whether those “moments” of impact will be positive or negative.

“Every athlete and former athlete I have ever met can recall a moment where a coach lifted them up or dragged them down. Every one of them can usually recall a moment where a parent stepped up at the exact right time and gave them belief, or said the wrong thing at the wrong time and destroyed their confidence and even love of a sport.”

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