Basketball on the Edge – Putting Kids Back Into Kids’ Sports

If you are new to our blog here at Basketball on the Edge this article by Chris Ballard summarizes many of the issues and concepts I have written about concerning youth sports in general and youth basketball in particular.

Here are some of the concepts that are central to the youth sports conversation.

  • Sports should be fun!
  • Parents are often overly involved to the detriment of their child.
  • Coaches focus only on winning rather than skill development.
  • Our society’s win-at-all cost mentality.
  • Early specialization and burnout.
  • Access to sports and opportunities for all kids.

The article also goes on to give suggestions for how parents, coaches, and program directors can implement changes to the youth sports model that will benefit the kids playing the games.  Pay particular attention to the 7 C’s of a High-Performing State of Mind.

Click here to read the article by Chris Ballard

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