Basketball on the Edge – Recognize Anyone You Know? 6 Videos to Help You Keep Things in Perspective!

Keeping your perspective as the parent of a young athlete is sometimes difficult. As parents we often find ourselves so caught up in our children’s success or failure we forget that it is just a game.  Our self worth as parents should not be determined by our young player’s won/loss record, their scoring average, or their playing time.  As I was researching for another blog post I came across these videos that were created by Hockey Canada to demonstrate the absurdity of some of the behaviors that we engage in as parents while watching our kids play.

As I wrote about here, coaching from the stands doesn’t help your child play better, and in fact is usually detrimental to their performance.  You may be tempted to yell, “Get in a stance and play some defense!”  or “Take your shot when it’s there!”  or even, “Come on, you have to play harder!”  Your young player should not be listening to you, they should be focused on the game and what their coach has asked them to do which may be in direct contrast to your advice as a parent.  Let them play and be there to support them before, during, and after the game.

Here are 6 videos I think will make you laugh and hopefully, make you think. Please share this link with any parents you think might enjoy or benefit from watching the videos.

1.  Hide and Seek – Does your young player want this kind of advice when they are playing their sport?  Or do they just want to have fun?

2. Golf – Would you want your child saying this stuff to you while you were playing? Could you concentrate on what you were trying to do?

3. Grocery Cart – Have you ever encouraged your young player to “Get more physical!” or told them, “Don’t let yourself get pushed around!”

4. Potato Sack Race – Have you ever blamed others for a loss or made excuses for your child?

5. The Cop – Questioning your child’s coach in front of them doesn’t help. They look at their coach as an authority figure the same way you see a police officer!

6. Pin the Tail on the Donkey – Try to remember that the game is not about you!

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