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Responsibility – Embrace Opportunities to Contribute!

What does responsibility look like for a young player on a basketball team? Here are some ways that a young player can demonstrate responsibility as a member of a basketball team.

1. Be a role model for other players on your team or if you are a high school player for kids in the stands who look up to you. Work hard, be coachable, and demonstrate sportsmanship. Be a teammate other players want to emulate.

2. Look out for your teammates. Get to to know them as friends as well as teammates. The more you know about them and what makes them tick the more you’ll be able to help them through tough times on and off the court.

3. Take the initiative when something needs to be done. Don’t wait for someone else to step up, YOU step up. That could mean cleaning up the locker room after practice, or calling a team meeting, or inspiring your team to compete harder.

4. Remember that you should put the team first. See the big picture of where you fit into the team’s success and then do all that you can to fulfill your role.

5. Be a learn-it-all, not a know-it-all. You can learn something from your coaches, teammates, parents, and friends. You can read books or watch video to increase your knowledge of the game. You are responsible for your own improvement.

6. Take care of your environment. Keep the gym, the locker room, or any other space your team occupies clean and neat. Your goal should be to leave a place in better shape than you found it.

7. Have an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for what you have. Most of us have far more to be thankful for than we typically acknowledge. Thank the people in your life more often! They’ll appreciate and you’ll be better for it.

8. Share your knowledge and skills with your teammates. You can help a teammate who is struggling with a particular skill or can’t remember a play. This type of sharing always comes back to you in some way or another making you a better player and deepening your own knowledge as you teach others.

9. Speak up when you see something happening that you know is wrong. A teammate being teased, another player criticizing the coach, teammates making poor choices off the court. These are all situations in which you may find it difficult ti speak up, but sitting idly by and watching it happen doesn’t help anyone in the long run.

10. Be helpful at home and in your community as well as with your team. Strive to be a great brother, sister, son, or daughter. Look for opportunities to help out in the community as a volunteer.

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