Basketball on the Edge – The Science of Play – Why Adults Structuring ‘Unstructured Learning’ is Essential

On Friday I wrote about the fact that our kids are playing too many adult organized 5 on 5 games that are focused on winning rather than skill development. This article builds on that theme and talks about the need for kids to have “unstructured” play time. Although it is written from a soccer perspective, the ideas put forth in the article support the conclusion that young players need unstructured learning time. During free play kids not only improve their basketball skills, but also learn leadership and people skills as they navigate the rules and organization of the games they create.

The Science of Play – why adults structuring ‘unstructured learning’ is essential

by:  Nick Levett

We’ve all been there… the last five seconds and you need to score a header or a volley to keep the same goalkeeper in, or do you make the decision not to touch the ball in case you miss and have to go in goal yourself… the excitement of street games are endless and timeless. Well, I say they are timeless but are they?

Adults of a certain age, probably 25 upwards, almost had a rite of passage whereby playing Three and In, Headers and Volleys or 60 Seconds was a daily playground or after-school ritual. This bred a huge amount of different skills that were transferable to life and to football including;

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