Basketball on the Edge – What I Would Want My Kids To Know If I Died Tomorrow by Alan Stein, Jr.


Simply a powerful article by Alan Stein, Jr. about the lessons we can impart to our kids, our players, our students, and ourselves.

In full transparency, I think about death. I think about it a lot. Particularly, my own death. Not in a fearful or morbid way… but I simply ask myself a series of questions:

Have a maximized my life to the fullest? Have I made deep connections with those I care about? Have I pursued incredible experiences? Have I made a difference in other people’s lives? Is the world better for having had me as a guest?

As long as I can answer a resounding ‘YES’ to these questions… then I feel I am, as my man Jesse Itzer would say, ‘Living Life for a Living.’ And anytime I can’t answer with an emphatic ‘YES’… I begin to recalibrate.

And as a father, I need to ensure I am planting the necessary seeds with my children so that they have the awareness and emotional tools to answer ‘YES’ to these questions in their own right.

So… even though my kiddos are young… if I died tomorrow… here are 52 things I want them to know…

1. Life isn’t fair. Expecting it to be fair is a mindset of the weak. Play the hand you are dealt…

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