Basketball on the Edge – What’s Important To You As The Parent Of A Young Basketball Player?


Last week I wrote about how too often as both coaches and parents we base the success of a team on their won-loss record.  We forget that what really matters is the long term success of our players and/or children.  This happens despite the fact that we know the development of our young athletes as people is ultimately more important than how many games they win or lose in their basketball career.   I came across this infographic in a great article titled The Game Needs More Fans (Four Rules for Basketball Parents) written by Marke Freman of PGC Basketball.  I started wondering about what parents really feel is important when it comes to their child’s basketball experience.  Here’s what I’d like you to do.  Take the 11 items listed in the infographic add a twelfth (winning) and rank them in importance when it comes to YOUR CHILD’S basketball experience.  I’d love to get feedback from my readers on this topic so please send me an email at with your list of the 12 ranked items with #1 being the most important.

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