Basketball on the Edge – What Youth Sports can Learn from Video Games by John O’Sullivan

This article by John O’Sullivan from the Changing the Game Project addresses the issue of why video games are so popular with kids, especially boys.

O’Sullivan lays out the reasons why kids choose to play video games rather than participate in youth sports.  The main argument he presents is that “in video games the needs, values and priorities of the child are at the center of the experience. They want to have fun. They want to be with friends. They want to participate and they want to be active. The experience belongs to them.

O’Sullivan gives several suggestions for coaches and parents to make youth sports more appealing to kids.  There is also a link within the article about how to make video games less appealing to kids by introducing video game “coaching”.  Be sure to check that link out as well.  Hopefully someday we’ll all be having to drag our kids off the court rather than drag them away from their x-box.

Click here to read the article by John O’Sullivan

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