Basketball on the Edge – 4 Things All Coaches Must Do

A quality youth basketball coach must do the following 4 things for their players.

1. Make the player a better person.

Coaches should be developing their players effort, energy, focus, communication, attitude, confidence, resiliency, selflessness, honesty, gratitude, and kindness.  Look for ways to build these core values into every practice.

2. Make every player a better player.

Develop the individual basketball skills of each player.  They should be a better player at the end of the season than they were at the beginning.

3.  Create a team out of a group of individuals.

Creating a team has to be intentional.  It doesn’t happen by accident.  There is nothing more powerful than joining together in pursuit of a common goal.

4.  Be a role model.

Exhibit the kind of behavior that is expected of the players.  Work hard, be positive, don’t complain about officials, be on time, be respectful of others, and the list goes on.  Kids watch what you do more than they will listen to what you say.


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