Basketball on the Edge – Advice for Sports Parents from Warriors’ Coach Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr is the coach of the Golden State Warriors, the former GM of the Phoenix Suns, and a five-time NBA Champion as a player.  In this YouTube clip Kerr shares his advice for parents of young athletes.  He talks about his experiences as a young player, describing how he would frequently have temper tantrums during and after games.  Kerr’s parents would allow him time to cool down after the game and then approach him with advice about how he could change his behavior.

He goes on to encourage all sports parents to be calm and quiet during games, to avoid coaching from the stands, and to use the game of basketball to teach life lessons.

Kerr’s advice is spot on and echoes many of the tenets of positive sports parenting that I have previously written about.  Enjoy the video!

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