Basketball on the Edge – Be Annoying!

If you’ve ever played basketball on any level chances are you’ve come across this type of player…

They’re annoying to play against. They’re a pest. They drive you crazy. You just want to get away from them. What makes these players so annoying and why do you want to be just like them?

Every time their opponent catches the ball the annoying player is right there invading his personal space. Close enough to slap the ball away, deflect a pass, steal the dribble, or block a shot. These players make their opponent worried and aware of them at all times. The moment the ball arrives in their man’s hands they are there, ready to be a constant irritation. Basketball players like space to operate, they don’t like being crowded or bumped.

Every time a shot goes up the annoying player boxes out by making contact with their opponent and holding their position. They don’t worry about the shot, they just want to make sure their man doesn’t have a free path to the rebound. Being boxed out on every possession is frustrating!

Every time they set a screen the annoying player makes contact with their opponent. There are no “phantom” screens where they screen air and not an opponent. That physical play gets under the skin of their opponent in addition to freeing up their teammates as part of the offense.

Every time the annoying player finishes a game, a practice, or even a drill their opponent is glad to be rid of them. Being an annoying player is a challenge. It takes discipline to always be right there whenever your opponent turns around. It takes great conditioning. It takes mental toughness. It takes the will to make it happen. Do you have what it takes to be annoying? Annoying players are winning players.

Do opponents smile when they see you coming? Or do they say “Oh man, not that guy again!”

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