Basketball on the Edge – Mental Toughness and Thinking Habits for Basketball and Life

This video from Deena Evans of PGC Basketball presents a unique approach to improving your young player’s mental toughness. Deena explains how she overcame a crisis in confidence by writing down 10 things she did well every time she played or practiced. Instead of focusing on the negative and what she did wrong while she was playing she retrained her mind to focus on the positive.

For a young player, creating a list like Deena did can be a powerful tool to improve self-confidence. Coaches and parents tend to focus on what kids don’t do well (what they need to improve on). By switching the focus to what a young player does well, they’ll become more confident in their game. Changing thinking habits can make a difference in how mentally tough a player can be.

Try this out with your young player. I’d love to hear about the results.

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