Basketball on the Edge – My Type of Player

My college coach at Kent State gave me this list in a notebook during our first team meeting my freshman year. I took the list to heart and tried to be his type of player. What type of player does your child want to be?

My Type of Player

1. Is always loyal to their team, their school, and their coach.

2. Will accept decisions made by the coach because they are made in the best interest of the team.

3. Never criticizes a teammate, realizes that basketball is a team game and many times a team is only as strong as its weakest player.

4. Knows that referees are human and that arguing with them may cause an unfavorable decision later in the game.

5. Does not give up after a missed shot, bad pass, or bad break.

6. Never underrates an opponent. Any player with a basketball in their hands is capable of beating you.

7. Is a hustler every second in practice and in games.

8. Never makes excuses.

9. Plays hard.

10. Is a coachable player!

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