Basketball on the Edge – Observing Parents in the Stands

We’ve all observed parents in the stands coaching their young player, yelling at officials, complaining about the coach, and criticizing other players.  This type of poor behavior from parents can be seen in gyms across the United States.  These parents may think they are helping their child, but in reality they are not.

First off, these behaviors have a negative impact on a young player’s enjoyment of the game and on their actual performance.  Kids can’t be focused on the game and also on Mom and Dad in the bleachers. In this video, Chris Collins, the men’s basketball coach at Northwestern University, explains another reasons for parents to reign in their behavior in the stands.  For those players that may end up being recruited to play college basketball, Collins explains how he observes parents in the stands.  He looks to see if parents are supportive and positive or critical and negative.  Do they encourage individualistic behaviors (Shoot more!) or are parents supportive of the entire team?

Realize that as a parent, coaches are watching the entire picture of a young athlete so they know what they are getting into when recruiting a player.  Parents that exhibit negative behaviors on the sideline are likely to have a negative influence on coaches that may consider recruiting their son or daughter.

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