Basketball on the Edge – Quiz – How Do I Help My Team Win Games?

Every basketball player wants to play more minutes, have a larger role on their team, and advance to the next level of basketball. If your young player has any of these thoughts on their mind they should figure out how they are helping their team to win games. The following questions will help your young player determine what they do now and figure out what they could be doing in the future to help their team win more games. Coaches play players that can help them win more games.

1. Do I bring energy every day to practices and games?

2. Do I inspire the people around me to be better or do I drag them down?

3. Am I willing to be coached and develop a growth mindset?

4. Am I always looking for new ways to get better?

5. Do I take pride in my defense, on and off the ball?

6. Do I realize how lucky I am and what an honor it is to be part of the team?

7. Do I focus on the little things, those small details that make me better and allow the big things to happen?

8. Do I take practices and games seriously? Remember, you can be serious and still have fun!

9. Do I play under control? Am I able to change speeds or do I have only one gear?

10. Do I love to compete or do I back away from a challenge?

11. Do I run harder than my opponent every time up and down the court?

12. Do I respect authority at home, at school, and on the court?

13. Do I make hard cuts and set good screens?

14. Do I learn from my mistakes or do I keep repeating the same ones over and over?

15. Do I hold myself and my teammates accountable to high standards of excellence or do I let things slide?

16. Am I equally adept at using my right and left hand?

17. Am I mentally tough when things are going well… and when they’re not?

18. Am I thankful for what the game has done for me? An especially important question as you get older.

19. Am I willing to make sacrifices to help the team win and to make myself a better player?

20. Do I want the ball in pressure situations or do I go and hide?

21. Am I the best teammate I can be?

22. Do I take care of the ball and value every possession?

23. Do I make my teammates better? Am I fun to play with? Do I share the ball?

24. Do I take pride in having championship habits on and off the court?

25. Am I the first player at practice and the last to leave?

26. Do I accept coaching and use it as a tool to improve or do I see it as unfair criticism?

27. Do I make excuses or do I figure out a way to get it done despite the obstacles placed in front of me?

28. Do I recognize that my actions reflect on my team, my coach, and my family?

29. Do I always know the time and score?

30. Do I box out every time a shot goes up?

31. Do I have a high basketball IQ?

32. Am I in control of my emotions out on the court?

33. Do I handle adversity with dignity or do I pout?

34. Do I have self-discipline or does someone always have to tell me what to do?

35. Am I willing to work harder than anyone I come up against?

How do you stack up? I challenge you to use this quiz to become a better player and help your team win more games!

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