Basketball on the Edge – Review Your Summer, Prepare for the Fall

This week we are going to revisit our Summer To Do List for basketball players that was originally published on June 3, 2015 as we headed into the summer basketball “off-season”.

Your young player may already be back in school or will be soon. Have them take some time to review what their goals were back in June when summer vacation was just starting. Did they accomplish everything on their own personal To Do List?

1.  Begin the process by once again evaluating yourself in the following areas

Compare those answers to the ones from the beginning of the summer. Have you improved, stayed the same, or regressed in any areas? Be completely honest with yourself!

1. Work Ethic
2. Shooting
3. Dribbling
4. Rebounding
5. Passing
6. Defense
7. Athleticism
8. Conditioning
9. Nutrition
10. Basketball I.Q.
11. Leadership
12. Team Spirit/Being a great teammate

After you have re-evaluated yourself begin planning out what you need to do this fall to become the player you want to be this upcoming season. Make sure that your actions match your goals!

2. Make sure you are willing to work.

Did you put in the work this summer? Will you continue to work this fall? Notice in the self-evaluation list that work ethic is #1. Without that nothing on the rest of this list matters.

3. Plan

Based on your self-evaluation prioritize what skills you are going to work on and how you are going to improve this fall. Being back in school affords you less time to work on your game, although your coach may have organized team activities that you can take advantage of. Zero in on what YOU need to do to maximize your basketball skill set.

4. Continue with your strength and conditioning program.

Your team may have organized workouts this fall so check with your coach regarding where your conditioning should be.

5. Eat right. Get enough sleep.

What you put into your body determines what you can get out of it. Eating healthy helps you to reach peak athletic performance. Healthy Baller is a great resource for sports nutrition advice and guidance.

You’re waking up earlier to get to school on time so make sure you are getting enough sleep. Sleep is vital to your body’s recovery from training.

6. Get out of your comfort zone.

When you practice, you can’t be afraid to make mistakes. Pushing yourself to the limits of your current ability and then beyond results in the greatest gains in skill level. Players all over the country go out to practice and go through the motions. Don’t be one of them! Go hard! Outwork everyone this fall and then outplay them this season.

7. Work on your shot.

Did you get a lot of shooting reps in this summer? Continue your shooting workouts into the fall. There simply isn’t time during practice in season to get up enough shots to become a good shooter. Design a workout that gets you game shots at game speed. Check out our Make the Team Plan for 90 days worth of purposeful, specific basketball skill development workouts.

8. Attend a skill development workout session and play in a fall league.

Prepare for the upcoming season by working out with a coach or trainer in either a group setting or on an individual basis. You’ll learn something new and be inspired to keep getting better!

Play in a fall league to get some game reps into your preparation.

9. Take care of your academics.

Your school work comes first. If you want to play, you need the grades. If you want to be successful later in life, your education is what matters. Set the foundation now for being a life-long learner! Coaches want student-athletes, not just athletes.

Get these items done and by fall’s end you’ll be a much improved player!

You will only be rewarded in public for the things you practice in private.

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