Basketball on the Edge – Three Ways Parents Can Encourage Mental Toughness by Craig Sigl

This article by Carl Sigl is a great primer on how to help your young player develop mental toughness.  Here is how Sigl defines mental toughness.

Mental Toughness is: Focused, Confident, Determined & Resilient, especially under pressure.

I believe that developing mental toughness and grit are some of the most important life skills that our kids can get from sports.  These are skills that will help our kids to succeed on the basketball court and in their life outside the games.  As a parent you can use Sigl’s three tips to help your child develop mental toughness. Don’t forget that kids remember what we do, much more than what we say!  Be a good role model as a basketball parent.

Click here to read the article by Carl Sigl.

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