Basketball on the Edge – Will You?

Does your young player want to be an improved player next winter? Building on last week’s Summer To Do List for players I’ve put together a list of “Will you’s” to help motivate players to work on their game this summer in preparation for next season.

Will you remember that your body language is your coach’s only window into your state of mind?

Will you put your best effort into everything you do?

Will you remember to sacrifice for your team and not be a selfish, me-first player?

Will you get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to get better?

Will you work on finding solutions and not finding someone to blame?

Will you get to practice/workouts/games early or will you be “just” 5 minutes late?

Will you treat everyone with respect regardless of their position or ability to help you in any way?

Will you get enough sleep to practice and play at your best?

Will you be a learn it all and not a know it all?

Will you work relentlessly on your weaknesses to plug the holes in your game?

Will you practice or play when your coach or parent doesn’t make it mandatory?

Will you eat healthy and watch what you put into your body?

Will you develop a particular skill to the point that it is something no one else can do as well as you?

Will you train your body and get in peak physical condition?

Will you execute your role on the team to the best of your ability next winter and yet work like crazy to increase your role this summer?

Will my actions match my stated goals or am I just a “talker”?

Will you “do it tomorrow”? Saying that repeatedly amounts to nothing.

Will you fear the consequences of failure or will you fear the consequences of regret for having never put in the necessary work?

Will you build relationships with teammates and coaches?

Will you learn to think the game like a coach?

Will you start to develop championship habits on and off the floor?

Will you spend more time with your basketball than you spend at the pool?

Will you listen to people who can help make you better or do you tune out because you already have all the answers?

Will you be willing to practice and train even when it gets tough and you may not want to on a given day?

Will you motivate yourself or does it take outside influences like Mom & Dad or a coach to get you to work on your game?

Will you remember that there is always someone out there working when you’re not?

Will you seek out better competition or settle for playing with your friends and buddies in the neighborhood?

Will you work on being mentally tough through preparation and experience?

Will you increase the intensity of your training and push yourself to the brink of exhaustion?

Will you start getting comfortable being uncomfortable?

Will you commit to out-hustling your opponent down the floor on every possession?

Will you be the hardest working player on your team this summer and next winter?

Will you have a plan to improve this summer?

Will you record and chart your progress?

Will you be focused, maximize your time, and structure your training around your goals or just “shoot around”?

Will you play in 50-75 games this summer or will you spend some time alone on individual skill improvement where real advancements take place?

Will you become accustomed to and comfortable with making decisions on the court at a faster pace?

Will you push yourself to run during drills or are you a “walker”?

Will you own your summer or will you make excuses about why you didn’t get it done?


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