Jr. NBA Skills Challenge

Jr NBA Skills Challenge

The Jr. NBA Skills Challenge presented by Verizon provides boys and girls, ages 13 and under the opportunity to showcase their fitness through a dribbling, shooting, and rebounding basketball skills competition.  The program is FREE for all participants. Boys and girls compete separately in different age groups for a chance to win a trip to compete in New York City.

Head Start Basketball is offering the Skills Challenge for FREE! 

Held at the Strongsville Recreation Center on Friday, December 22 from 9 am – 12 pm.

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To challenge participants to zig-zag dribble through cones, speed dribble, shoot, rebound, and
to score as many points as possible by making shots from designated shooting spots in 1 minute.
The participant concludes the one (1) minute competition with one (1) free throw for bonus points.
• Each participant competes one at a time against the stopwatch.
• Each participant begins with one basketball in hand and both feet behind and to the right
of the designated starting cone (‘start’ cone shown in page 14 diagram).
• The participant begins when the timer yells “GO” or blows the whistle. The participant ends
when the timer yells “STOP” or blows the whistle after 1 minute has elapsed.
• If a participant false starts, the timer blows the whistle so the participant can return to the starting
cone for another attempt.
• Participants begin the zig-zag dribble by dribbling past the fi rst cone to the left.
• Participants MUST follow the zig-zag dribbling around each cone, followed up with the
speed dribble before any shot attempts are taken from designated shooting spots.
• Participants may begin the shooting portion from any shooting spot and may shoot in any order.
• Once a shot is taken, the participant must shoot from a different spot (a participant may not
take consecutive shots from the same spot, make or miss).
• Participants must retrieve their own rebounds.
• Participants must dribble throughout the challenge, including after rebounding and upon
returning to another shooting spot.
• A basket counts only if the ball is released before the timer yells “STOP”.
• After the 1 minute, each participant will shoot one free throw worth 3 points.
• All age and gender groups will shoot from the same designated
free throw line.
• The competition is free for all boys and girls ages 13 and under.
• All participants must provide a copy of a valid birth certificate or other proof of
identification for age verification at each level of competition.
• All participants must provide a completed registration/liability form signed by a
at each level of competition.
• Participants may only participate in one Local Competition or face disqualification.
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