BATTS – Basketball and Technology Training Sessions

What is B.A.T.T.S?

There is a new trend in the basketball world that will dramatically help improve your ability to become a better basketball player. This trend is driven by measurable data for the aspects that happen the most out on the court. We at Head Start Basketball & Hoop Guru want to be on the cutting edge of this trend and think it is the future of how we can track, analyze and evaluate player performance. We now can offer players, who want to get an edge on their competition and be out in front of this wave of technology, a systematic, efficient and dynamic plan of action that is measurable and based on quantifiable research. Our goal is to create a blueprint for each player’s development in ballhandling and shooting to achieve success on the court. We have the newest, most advanced technology that is out on the market today and will be updating and investing in state of the art innovations that we feel will enhance our player’s productivity and performance.

Schedule a 30 minute B.A.T.T.S. session on January 18, 2016 at the Hoop Guru Courthouse and be introduced to the latest advances in basketball skills training. During your 30 minute testing session our technology instantly measures and records ball handling and shooting performance metrics. This information can be used as a baseline to build skill specific workout programs for each individual player. Players can record their performance metrics on their own device using the 94fifty and ShotTracker Apps and/or you can use our in house technology to provide access to their performance metrics and workout programs. This purely objective information measured over time will improve their skills quickly and dramatically.
We’ll collect your ballhandling and shooting performance metrics using the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball and Net, The ShotTracker, and the Dr. Dish, the most innovative shooting machine in the world. This technology allows coaches, trainers, and players to objectively measure skill by analyzing the full 360 degree aspect of the ball’s motion.

What data can the 94Fifty and ShotTracker collect?

Dribbling Speed
Consecutive Dribbling
Dribbling Power
Left vs. Right Hand
Shot Arc
Shot Speed
Shot Arc and Speed Combo
Shot Backspin
Shots attempted and made
All measured in real time down to the millisecond

When – Monday, January 18th, 2016
Time – 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Where – The Courthouse
1669 West 130th Street
Building 5
Hinckley, OH 44233
Who – Boys and Girls in Grades 3 thru 12
Cost – $25 per 30 minute evaluation session

After the evaluation day, you will be emailed the results of the session with some insight and suggestions from our staff. This information will give you a framework that will help us create a blueprint to your child’s success out on the court.

Limited Number Of Sessions Available – Call To Register!!

Call Mike Klinzing at 216-392-4059 or email to secure a time slot

You must Pre-register for the event!!!

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