Live Workshops

Klinzing Head ShotHead Start Basketball Executive Director Mike Klinzing is a certified Positive Coaching Alliance Trainer.  Mike is available to present PCA’s Double-Goal Coach®: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons  Each workshop takes anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours and will be led by Mike.  During the workshop Mike explains PCA’s three key principles — Redefining “Winning” as Mastery of Sport, Filling Emotional Tanks and Honoring the Game — and leads attendees through a series of interactive exercises based on common youth sports scenarios.

The result is that the group of leaders, coaches, parents or athletes begins to explore different approaches for success and establishes a common vocabulary for use in providing athletes a positive, character-building youth sports environment.

Often, workshop attendees are “unfrozen” from negative beliefs and practices they had accepted throughout their sporting lives and experience an emotional awakening that benefits them, their families, communities and most importantly, the youth athletes they serve.

You can partner with Positive Coaching Alliance and schedule a live workshop with Mike for your organization by clicking here.



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