Session 4 has 12 spots left / Donate usable shoes at Head Start Basketball Camp

Strongsville session 4 for boys and girls in grades 2-7 starts next Monday, July 14.  There are 12 spots left.  Register now so you don’t miss out!

Head Start Basketball Joined the Reuse Movement!

We just signed up for ShoeBox Recycling! It’s an amazing community service fundraising opportunity where you we can actually Recycle Your Shoes, Find Your SoleMate!

We will be collecting shoes for reuse, spreading the message that ‘worn is not worn out’ and hopefully connecting with people around the globe through the magic of a SoleMate note. Just like the old ‘message in a bottle,’ only now the vessel is your shoes that you know longer wear.

People all over the globe depend on second hand shoes:
• So they can attend school
• To protect against bacteria born illnesses
• For Self Esteem
• For Job Creation

So, scour your closets, empty your trunk, clean the garage and find the shoes that we can reuse! Please do not send in winter boots, ski boots or Uggs.

Your SoleMate is waiting!  Find out more at

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